Friday, April 3, 2009

A technique which has not been widely duplicated.

Actually, I know of no other guitarist besides Pat Metheny who uses this technique and it's one that I really struggled to figure out, as it demands attention and a lot of practice. For my part I have been running this over different scales and on different string sets. One unique aspect of this technique is the way Pat changes positions with a hammer on. It's kind of like a musical long jump or triple jump. It's athletic. The second half demonstrates a kind of hammer-on tumbling, if you will. The idea of using hammer-ons in this way is one which will yield a lot of melodic inspiration if practiced properly. It is very economical and you need that at fast tempos. Pat's technique has obviously served him very well. There aren't any other guitar players I can think of who play 3 hour sets night after night, year after year. He's doing a lot of things right and we've have been listening. Hope you enjoy and watch the video on YouTube of "The Real Pat Metheny Lick".

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