Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brendan Odonnell - Bringing It On

I wanted to write something for my friend and fellow guitar player Brendan Odonnell. This kind of an open letter, as all blogs are I suppose.
This young man is an inspiration to me and many others I know.  I just want to publicly acknowledge that he is amazing and innovative and that I have supreme confidence that none of it will go unnoticed by the world at large.  Big things are in store for this guy and I am exited to see them manifest.  He is a devotee of Peter Bernstein and Mike Moreno.  Kind of an old meets new kind of a guy but he has his own unique personality that comes across in every note.  I admire especially his rhythmic ferocity and seeming ease with modern sounds.  His use of motives is very compelling and I feel that there is a personal narrative being delivered in every extemporaneous moment.  You're fresh Brendan!!!  That is all.